The Same Sky Project is an umbrella term that encompasses our traveling group of performers who advocate for and promote messages of empathy, love, inclusion, acceptance and inspiration through music and performance. This initiative was created by members of A Place To Be in 2011 as a way to develop a method of understanding for individuals who may be deemed "different" from society. This powerful project helps us realize that we are more than just our "labels". The Same Sky Project started with "Behind the Label", a show performed by 15-20 teens and young adults to teach the importance of embracing yourself and viewing others with empathy. "A WILL to Survive" debuted Fall of 2016 and is raising awareness for suicide prevention in the form of a rock opera. "One Second of Grace" is a production that authentically portrays experiences that affect the mental health of today's youth. 

More than 60,000 middle and high school students in Loudoun County, VA  have experienced The Same Sky Project productions since the project began. If you are a school looking to book The Same Sky Project for your student body, please contact 


Abira and the Mountain


A Place To Be is currently touring Abira and the Mountain throughout Loudoun County middle schools and beyond. This brand new original musical was created for the middle school audience under “The Same Sky Project”, and centers on self-love, acceptance of differences and empathy for others.

Abira is the story of a princess in a wheelchair who is strong, innovative and beautiful, but who often feels she is missing something because she is not like everyone else. She has stayed secluded inside her castle for most of her life with her closest friend being a mountain she talks to outside her window. One day she decides to travel into her kingdom to find what she has been missing. There, she meets others with disabilities, medical and life challenges and she discovers that she can use her own life experiences to help them live better lives while also increasing her own self worth. Abira and the Mountain is touring Loudoun County Middle Schools thanks to the support of the Virts Miller Foundation.

Here is what a 6th grade student had to say about the performance.

"This play really spoke deeply with me, because people with Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, depression, anxiety, and Cerebral Palsy were brave enough to go onstage in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people. I feel like not enough people know about how serious these things are, and this play changed my perspective of people with disabilities. This play is very informative if you’re willing to get past the mental barrier that society has put on us."

Music & Emotion


Our first Same Sky Project production developed for the elementary school audience, Music & Emotion is and interactive program designed to help a younger audience experience the power of music and its ability to help us cope with emotions. The program began touring Loudoun County Elementary schools in early 2019. The show is supported in part by The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation and Wells Fargo Cultural Excellence Award .

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More Accolades From The Same Sky Project Productions

“I spent much of the lunch shift that day talking with kids about the show- both boys and girls loved it and we’ve already had an increase in the number of kids who want to participate in our Bridges program- it’s kids who use their study hall to work with our special needs program students!”
— Principal of Lunsford Middle School, Leesburg, VA


"Thank you for taking a risk and putting yourselves out there."

~Student, age 14

  “Positively amazing. I saw this yesterday...I love what is happening with suicide prevention & mental health awareness through your artful, heart-full production. Your impact is astounding. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~Audience Member, Woodgrove High School

"Its truly amazing guys, that despite all the things that are happening in the world that we can turn to each other and see that, yeah, we are all different, but why should that matter, we can still love each other. Thank you." 

~Student, age 15

2018 Loudoun School-Business Partnership Award Winner