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Please help Ryan raise money for A Place To Be, a music therapy non-profit that helps people with developmental disabilties like autism overcome life's challenges. Ryan has come so far with the help of music therapy. He is communicating, socializing and understanding the world around him so much better with music in his life. We are blessed to be a part of A Place to Be.

*If you donate to Team Ry Guy, please write Team Ry Guy in your donation note! Thank you for your support!*



Kelly Kryukov: $100

Janet McDonough: $100

Chris Patton: $100

Jonathan Jennings: $100

Sheila & Gihon Reape: $100

Sharon & Pat Davies: $100

Frank Roddey: $100

Judith Aguera: $100

Carl Bagge: $50

Joe & Lynn Luzzi: $50

Nancy & Jerry Sidman: $25



Frank & Carol Costello: $1,000

Tyke White: $1,000

Mark & Tania Jones: $1,000

Andy Blocher: $500

Mike & Lisa Killelea: $500

Kim & James Enochs: $250

Edward Smith: $250

Lisa Namerow: $250

Allison Bernhardt: $200

Jon Zieky: $150

Elin & Joe Kiernan: $150



Check out Ryan's latest performance from A Place To Be's 2017 Spring Recital: