2019 Summer Camp Line-Up

Our inclusive summer camp program encourages children of differing abilities to come together, learn from each other, be creative and experience the power of music therapy! From Musical Theatre Camp, where participants experience the excitement and pageantry of rehearsing and performing a full-scale musical in front of adoring audiences, to Pop Rocks Camp where participants create and produce an original song and music video, to Arts & Nature where campers explore the connections in nature and creativity in art, to our popular improv camps that allow participants to discover new aspects of themselves, our Summer Camp Program is full of surprises, growth, friend making and lifetime memories.

A Place To Be summer camps are all clinically based, run by therapists and designed with opportunities for self-expression, addressing resiliency, flexibility and connections to others. Like all our programs, our camps are based on acceptance and understanding of others as well as joy and having fun. If folks are brand new to A Place To Be, we will set up a camp evaluation in order to register. This evaluation is not charged and simply a quick way for us to meet and assess what camp we would recommend for your child.

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Arts & Nature Camp

July 29 - August 2, 2019

Arts & Nature camp is not a product/performance driven camp but an experiential one.  Using various elements in arts and nature, including the environment, campers will try new arts activities, meditation and engagement with others too in order to work on self-expression and reflection, original visual art creations, kinesthetic awareness, friendship making and more. Arts & Nature camp is a slower paced camp designed to allow for more freedom of personal expression and deepening the experience. 


TheatER Improv Camp


Theater Improv camp is developed for campers working on improvisation and original thought. This camp uses theater games for the camper wanting to get better at thinking on their feet and experimenting with various role-plays to help them better function outside of the theater/game setting.  Also for folks who are highly creative and imaginative who want to "play" with this part of themselves.

Music Improv Camp


Music Improv camp is designed for younger folks or more non/low verbal folks. This is a great camp for those who have shorter sustainability or endurance but want to try to gain more; for those working on flexibility/give and take in communication; beginners in group dynamics; listening skills; and exploration of self through music. 


Learn More About Our Summer Camp Program

Scroll below to read about, and watch all the fun we had during our 2018 summer camps. And be sure to check out our recent segment on Virginia Currents featuring our 2018 summer Musical Theatre Camp.


2018 Musical Theatre Camp A Huge SUccess with Human Tales: A New Musical 

What if Fairytale characters read about us? Human Tales are being banned throughout Fairytale Town because they have become increasingly negative. When Zach, a cell phone addicted teenager, finds himself stuck in the fairytale world, he realizes that only more empathy and kindness can guide him home. In just a two-week time period, 36 talented A Place To Be performers worked alongside 48 staff members, volunteers, mentors and interns during the 2018 Musical Theatre Camp to produce the dazzling, fun-filled original full-scale musical, Human Tales. The campers then brought music to the ears, beauty to the eyes and joy to the souls to more than 600 audience members over a three day performance schedule.  


2018 Pop Rocks Campers Produce Another Original Music Video

Wanna-be ROCKSTARS got a taste of of life on the road and music production during the whirlwind one-week 2018 Pop Rocks Camp. The popular camp brought together 17 campers, 13 mentors, six staff and one volunteer, including recording professional Jason Price, to  put together a great show featuring music from Jazz,  Rock, Pop, Country, Rap and more! The week also culminated with the production of an original music video, Here We Go,  produced on site by campers and staff!



2018 Arts and Nature Camp 

Despite the rainy weather, campers at the 2018 Arts and Nature camp explored the natural world and expressed  creativity through music, theater, art-making and movement all at the beautiful Trillium Farm in Purcellville. 



2018 Theater Improv Camp

Participants at our 2018 Theatre Improv Camp unleashed their creativity and learned more about themselves!