The Book

Join Penny on her musical adventure as she moves from the school band room to the stage of the National Opera. Along the way Penny realizes she is different from the other pianos and just wants to be special. With her good friend Tessa at her side, Penny finds happiness and shares the joy of music wherever she goes! 

A Note from the Author: 

"One evening, I was at a rehearsal with other members of the Washington National Opera. We were rehearsing for a production of Carmen. Placido Domingo was the conductor, and some of the greatest artists in the world were singing and dancing under his direction. The accompanying piano looked completely out of place. It was not a beautiful grand piano, but a small, square upright. This little piano had a story! That night I woke up at 3:00am and began writing Penny the One of a Kind Piano. My husband Robert C. Jackson is an artist and he knew how much this story meant to me. On my birthday that year he presented me with the first illustration of Penny the Piano! At that time I was the yoga teacher for Placido Domingo's Young Artist Program and I showed him the book. He took it on vacation to read to his grandchildren. They loved Penny and he graciously offered to write the foreword."

Suzanne Jackson

Author of Penny the One of a Kind Piano

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Penny: A New Musical

Penny the Piano is being produced by A Place To Be, where music helps heal and transform the lives of people. Much like Penny, many who seek a place to be seek a home. 



"Home is inside you...Let the Music guide you"


Every year, A Place To Be produces an original musical production. With original music by Tom Sweitzer and Kyle Boardman, A Place To Be will bring the pages of Penny the Piano to life. Coming to the Hill School June 30th, July 1st & 2nd! Join us for an incredible weekend full of heartwarming performances. We are so excited to make Suzanne's vision a reality. 

More Pictures coming soon!


Past Performances


The Millenium Stage at The Kennedy Center


The Snapple Theater, NYC