Coming this Fall

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At A Place to Be, we tell the stories of those who conquer challenges and those often overlooked by our society through our Same Sky Project productions to thousands of students. This coming year, we will once again present “Behind the Label” to teach empathy and acceptance in our middle schools, while “A Will to Survive” delivers a message of suicide prevention and hope to high school students (as well as a professional debut at the Kennedy Center).

Now the Same Sky Project presents our most powerful theatrical productions yet: “One Second of Grace.” The idea came from Loudoun High School senior Grace Wheeler to create a show authentically portraying experiences of today’s youth including anxiety disorder, depression, sexuality, gender identity, self-harm, drug use and the pursuit of purpose. “One Second of Grace” continues our ongoing work to foster conversations about mental health and acceptance of those who are different, suffering, without a voice and not fully understood.

After years of working with community organizations, schools and countless teenagers, A Place To Be hopes that by incubating this blunt, realistic look into challenges teens face today we can represent the true voice of today’s young people so that we may understand their generation and help them succeed.

Tom Sweitzer, Executive Director

Things to know about One Second of Grace:

* The Show is recommended for High School age students and beyond

* The use of profanity is used 11 times

* There is a scene where the focus is body image and the female characters sing while undressing down to bathing suits

* There is a scene that deals with a parent talking to his son about sex. 

* There is a scene where one character drinks alcohol, one character begins to cut himself and one character prepares to throw up in a toilet.

Every part of this show has been thought through and created by the concerns, dreams and needs of A Place To Be teens. The intention is to start a real discussion about Mental Health.