Music therapy has emerged as an essential component to an integrated approach in the management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with several scientific studies showing the benefits.  Our weekly COPD music therapy group utilizes music based relaxation, singing and the playing of wind instruments, the recorder specifically, to help and enhance breathing maintenance.  The playing of wind instruments requires breath support and function that is very similar to the various breathing exercises that are generally prescribed, however, in music therapy we are playing music, not simply doing exercises.  Many who participate in the group report that the work on the recorder, and singing, helps with their everyday breathing issues.  Several in the group play their instruments at home when having a particularly tough day...and report back that it helps!  And, most importantly, we have fun!  The importance of the "fun" part can't be dismissed as it's estimated that 25% of patients with COPD have depression, which comes from isolation.  The social aspect of a music therapy group can counteract that by providing a safe and encouraging environment with others with similar issues.  While, yes, we are working on breathing, we are playing music and the members of the group take pride in their music - breathing life into their instruments and breathing life into there bodies and souls.