Hope, Healing, and the Power of Music to transform Lives

Cabin Films and Onyx Films in collaboration with A Place to Be have filmed a documentary "High Notes", which features the power of music to transform, inspire and enrich lives. 

This documentary will make audiences worldwide understand the critical importance of music therapy and education. 

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” -Plato

According to Harvard University Neurologist, Dr. Gottfried Schalug, music might provide an alternative entry point to the brain, because it can unlock so many different doors into an injured or ill brain. 

Music Lessons will primarily focus on how children with severe brain injuries and other special needs have been able to overcome major obstacles with music therapy.  Our goal with the film is to bring awareness of the therapeutic powers of music. Through the personal stories conveyed in this film, it is our intent to inform, inspire and motivate educators, policymakers, parents and the public on the transformative powers of music and its importance in our lives. This film will make every board of education director and senator regret their decision to decrease music education funding. 

Through strong partnerships with several key partners (arts organizations, the music therapy association, brain injury association, etc), we will screen and enter the film into policy- and decision-making circles with the objective to have legislative and/or policy impact.




Susan Koch, Director

Susan is an EMMY and Peabody award-winning filmmaker. She directs, writes, and produces documentaries and non-fiction films and videos for worldwide distribution and broadcast. Her work has appeared on ABC, NBC, PBS, HBO, Showtime, MTV, ESPN, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Turner Broadcasting, American Movie Classics, The Learning Channel, and the Travel Channel.

Koch’s feature documentaries (Kicking It, The Other City, Mario’s Story, etc) have also screened at the most prestigious film festivals including Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Silverdocs Film Festival, and IDFA in Amsterdam.

Wendy Thomson, Producer

Described by the Washington Business Journal as “dedicated and powerful,” Wendy is the President and CEO of the Onyx Media Group and EVS Communications, Inc.  From 1997-- 2009, Ms. Thompson was Vice President and General Manager of ZGS Broadcast Holdings, a communications company wherein she supervised the daily operations and advertising sales of eleven Telemundo network affiliates.  In 2009, she became the President of the Onyx Media Group and EVS Communications, both firms whose mission is to produce television programs and films that address social issues. Her latest film, Harvest of Empire opened to great reviews in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post and was the winner of the prestigious International Documentary Association award and Golden Eagle Cine Awards.