Our Vision...

...To be an influential therapeutic arts organization that leads the way in offering unique Performance Based Music Therapy programs while creating an inclusive society where everyone is seen as equal and valuable with their unique gifts and challenges.


Who do we serve?

A Place To Be serves ALL ages with any challenges related to (but not limited to) Physical, Medical, Behavioral, Learning, Intellectual, Developmental, Social, and Life



Private Sessions

Individuals work on Personal Therapeutic Goals through Music Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Drama Therapy, and Coaching/Counseling


Medical Music Therapy/INOVA

Our medical music therapists serve patients in ICU, Palliative Care, Stroke, Oncology, COPD, Pediatrics, adult Mental Health, and outpatient rehab. (Our therapists also lead various therapy groups for Stroke, COPD, Oncology, adult mental health, and cardiac outpatients)


Social Therapeutic Groups

Multiple groups addressing social and emotional therapeutic needs of youth ages 10-22 are offered each week.


The Same Sky Project

Our Nationwide-touring ensemble of theatrical productions that raise awareness and teach empathy and acceptance. 


The Immersion Program

Our unique, alternative day program helping individuals gain life skills, communication for socialization & self-advocacy, personal development achievements, and independence goals.


Lunch Bunch

A therapeutic hour of socialization, community & friendship between adults with developmental disabilities, community volunteers & Immersion participants.


Summer Camps

We have multiple summer camp offerings in theater, music, and dance each year serving 100+ young people.



Multi-Modal methodologies

A Place To Be utilizes a multi-faceted, Expressive Arts approach unlike any other in the therapeutic field. We create specialized plans tailored to meet our clients' needs and goals. Our programs implement a diverse blend of music, drama, art, movement, and performance elements which come together to create a full and enriching experience. 


Performance-Based approach

Our performance-based model creates a unique opportunity for our clients to overcome life challenges through the expressive arts on-stage. This aspect of our organization also helps to spread messages of love, empathy, inclusion, and acceptance to everyone in the community of all ages to help open up new perspectives and facilitate conversations through our touring performance groups, as part of The Same Sky Project