A Place To Be is currently providing a full service music therapy program at Inova Loudoun Hospital.  Our music therapists work bedside with patients and their caregivers in the ICU, oncology unit, progressive care unit, medical/surgical unit and pediatric in-patient and emergency units. Our program uses music and music based interventions to help improve physical symptoms as well as psycho-social issues that may arise as a result of being hospitalized. Our clinical interventions are provided by board certified medical music therapists and are based on scientific research and the use of evidence based practices. Music therapy in a medical setting involves treating the whole person - body, mind and spirit - working on the psychological difficulties of illness and the work involved during the healing process.

 Medical music therapy approaches involve:

  •  Assessment of each patient's unique mind-body connection - how the mind is affecting the body and how the body is affecting the mind

  • Support of coping mechanisms which have been shown to enhance the immune system

  • Treatment of the rhythms, resonances, tones, and timbres of the body to promote harmonic balance

  • Addressing physical, emotional, cognitive, developmental, social and spiritual needs of the person

  • Promoting self initiative, thereby enhancing one's sense of empowerment as a proactive force in his/her own healing

We work with people across the life span, from premature infants to people recovering from surgery to end-of-life care. Patients in the hospital may benefit from music therapy to alleviate pain, anxiety or depression, provide gentle stimulation for loss of consciousness and enhance coping, communication and quality of life. 

In addition, our weekly COPD music therapy group uses music, wind instruments and singing, to support and enhance breathing.  Our group also supports the social aspects of working through breathing issues associated with COPD in a supporting and fun music-making environment.