This fully integrated group experiences a day filled with thoughtful discussions for personal reflection, mentoring activities to discover their strengths and therapeutic arts sessions that help them reach personal goals. From working on speaking to finding ways to cope with anger; from developing a plan to accomplish a personal goal, to writing a novel, to finding ways to raise self-esteem; the diverse needs of the group create an atmosphere unlike any other. And it is from this unique place that growth in each participant occurs.

As 21st century learners, young people today need much more than academic skills. They need assistance in their development of social/emotional components that help them act in socially and ethically responsible ways, and help them lead more fulfilling lives. The teenage/young adult stage in life is the hardest, often filled with uncertainty, self-loathing, raging hormones, and no valued way to contribute to society. But these same years are also filled with a surge of brain development, the highest period of creativity in our lives and an eagerness to learn about the world and our place in it.

There are few better ways of bringing us face to face with our own uncertainties and
inconsistencies than finding empathy for those that are very different than ourselves. At A Place To Be we believe in empathy as a moral guide and a philosophy for living your best life. The completely integrated Immersion Program helps the next generation develop that sense of themselves by giving to others, taking time for self-reflection, and cultivating the universal human need to feel valuable and accepted.

“Immersion is the best day of my week. A place to learn, a place to grow." - Stephen, 21

“I feel accepted here for who I am.” -Lilly, 18

“Immersion has caused my eyes to become open to a world that I am not the center of. A world where I can be myself and help others be themselves.” -Nathan, 19

"So I somehow need to describe to you the way it is for Sawyer and I on APTB days. Lately he has been waking me up playing whatever play list he designated for his favorite morning of the week. He's making his breakfast, getting ready, showing independence I wasn't sure I'd ever see. He's dancing his way out the door, literally, and starting my car for me. He wants to leave early because he likes to hit the gym before APTB because he's so pumped up for a great day. He packs a nice lunch, something interesting, that he can't wait to eat in a stress free environment hanging out with some nice people that listen to him and engage him. Every time I have ever dropped Sawyer off at APTB he's been happy. Every time I pick him up he's happy. That's something I can count on weekly that helps our family tremendously. We are grateful beyond words."

- Leah Foster

the immersion program is:

an alternative day program comprised of a variety of students from the public and private schools, home-schools, those taking a gap year, community college students, and students of life from ages 13-25. 


The focus of this Immersion day is on creating your future and transitioning to adulthood. Skills will be developed for future jobs, independence, resiliency, personal responsibility, and life expectations. This group will practice these skills together in order to create their own version of independence. 

*This Immersion Day runs from 10am-4pm on Tuesdays with a half-day option of 1pm-4pm

Personal development

The focus is on personal goals, building relationships, gaining autonomy and working on self-actualization. Participating in acts of service and leadership by mentoring adults with challenges during our Lunch Bunch Program fosters confidence and a sense of value. Participants experience group and individual expressive arts therapy sessions throughout the day as well. 

*This Immersion Day runs from 10am-4pm on Thursdays with a half-day option of 1pm-4pm


Immersion Days are:

  • Fully Inclusive

  • Designed to meet the individual needs of each participant

  • Focused on Character Building, Empathy, Personal Development, Self-Acceptance, and Connections

  • Provides stepping stones for individuals to meet their goals

  • Filled with joy and opportunities for self-expression, while gaining confidence and psychosocial development

“The Immersion Program at APTB offers the most understanding, compassionate, and fun setting for my daughter Veronica to explore who she is. The accepting environment and opportunities to interact affirms to her value in society. She is becoming more self-aware and realizing that she counts and that people count on her. At APTB, through theatre and the daily programs, she is taught the importance of each individual's contribution to a group. She is being taught values of caring. This counts!!!! This is progress! This is communication and confidence! We love Thursdays!! My daughter feels connected to her friends at APTB. She is proud of her participation and therefore, walks a little taller. After her days at Immersion, she was more energized, chatty, and enthusiastic. She communicates more. It's like she's has momentum." --Maite D.


Made possible in part by grants from: