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Helping people face, navigate, and overcome life's challenges using clinically based practices of music therapy and expressive arts therapy.



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Come and join us for a night of beauty, love, and art as we welcome our good friend Carla Hakim O'Brien to display her work through her art. 

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The Latest

Check out this amazing Tedx Talk given by our very own Tom Sweitzer. Tom talks about his own journey through his childhood all the way to co-founding A Place To Be and how music has the ability to make anyone feel big on earth. 


Our annual Holiday Recital was a resounding success. Take a look at some of our wonderful testimonials from our various clients and their experience with Expressive Arts Therapies. 


Looking Back

Congratulations to two of our stellar casts this past semester for passing monumental milestones.

Behind the Label had their final show, bringing their tour of the show to a close after years of telling their story and teaching the meaning of empathy to thousands of students.

The cast of A WILL To Survive wrapped up a successful showing at the Kennedy Center in November, which was performed in front of hundreds of attendees at the Terrace Theater. 

The beginning of December we wrapped up our 8th Annual Holiday Recital, where our clients performed songs of their choice on stage in the Salamander Resort & Spa Ballroom! Thank you to all that joined us in making it a magical evening.

Keeping it Real

Our latest show, "One Second of Grace", wove a story that brought to light many of the problems that young people face today in what was both an emotionally jarring, yet sensitive. A Place To Be was proud to work with so many talented and inspirational teens to create an authentic production that emphasizes the importance of love and empathy in a rapidly changing, and sometimes overwhelming world. 

Community News


NBC 4 News Feature on Forrest Allen and Tom Sweitzer

tom forrest.jpg

Loudoun Times Mirror Feature on 

With the help of the production team of "Music Got Me Here", Tom and Forrest's journey continues to inspire others with the power of perseverance, faith, and family. Check out some of the news outlets covering their incredible story. Be sure to visit the official "Music Got Me Here" website below to stay updated on the film!

Featured at The Kennedy Center

A Place To Be was honored to be a part of this unique scientific and musical weekend at the Kennedy Center. The Symposium, as a part of The Venue's "Sound Health: Music and the Mind" initiative, featured several presentations by world renowned Health Professionals and Music Performers alike, including the Director of the NIH Francis Collins and Soprano Renee Fleming. Our very own Tom Sweitzer, along with Forrest Allen and our Stroke Choir were invited to participate in the weekend's events to provide valuable insight into the world of Therapy and recovery through music. Here are articles highlighting this monumental event:

renee mt pic.jpg

The Soprano and the Scientist: A Conversation about Music and Medicine

by Robert Siegel, NPR


In Washington, an alliance between symphonies and scientists

Lev Facher, STAT News

See how much we've grown:


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