A Place To Be's Need-Based Financial Aid Program

Families Claiming an adult as a Dependent

If you are requesting financial aid for an adult 18 years or older, our Financial Aid Committee requests that you submit a separate financial aid application that states your family's income and expenses. When a family seeks financial aid on behalf of an adult they claim as a dependent on their tax returns, the Financial Aid Committee needs to understand the financial situation of both the adult and their family. Often, in situations where an incapacitated adult lives at home, they receive significant financial support from their families that would not be reflected in their own tax returns.

If you have not already done so, please fill out the standard financial aid application with only the financial information for the adult client here.

Then, please fill out the form below for families claiming an adult as a dependent. You will need to submit the 2018 W-2's and 2018 IRS 1040 for the family claiming the adult on their tax returns. Please submit the online form and email your W-2 and tax returns to John Tong at john@aplacetobeva.org. You may feel free to drop hard copies off with John at our office in Middleburg.

Make sure to provide all your financial documentation! Late or incomplete applications will delay consideration for aid. Financial aid is limited and those applying late will be considered on a rolling basis, if funding remains.

If you prefer, you may also fill out a PDF version of our financial aid application that you can get here.