A Place To Be's Need-Based Financial Aid Program

The forrest Stone allen financial aid Fund

Through the generosity of our donors, A Place To Be has established the Forrest Allen Financial Aid Fund to provide assistance to clients who would be unable to attend due to financial reasons. The Board of Directors sets the annual aid budget based on the extent of need, the cost of service and the availability of funds.

To determine eligibility for need-based aid, the Financial Aid Committee considers a client’s income, expenses, assets, liabilities and extenuating circumstances. The aid awarded is intended to supplement a client’s resources and in no case will it cover 100% of program costs.

We invite all clients to apply for need-based financial aid; applying for aid and the granting of awards is an annual process and all returning clients must reapply each year. Applications submitted outside of the standard financial aid submission may be considered on a rolling basis.

If you have any questions, please contact John Tong - john@aplacetobeva.org, (540) 687-6740

Application Process

Financial Aid applications must be submitted online or by filling out a hard copy version of our application (available here). Your privacy is one of our greatest concerns and your personal financial information will be securely transmitted using our system. Additionally, we will remove any personally-identifying information from all applications and financial information provided to our Financial Aid Committee.

1. Complete the application in its entirety and submit by May 1st, 2019.*
2. Provide a copy of the first 2 pages of your 2018 tax return and 2018 W-2 forms by May 1st, 2019.**
3. Provide a copy of the most recent pay stub for each member of the household by May 1st, 2019.**
4. Awards for 2019 Summer Camps will be announced prior to the start of camps.
5. Awards for the Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 will be announced in early July 2019.

If you are applying for aid for an adult, 18 years or older, that was claimed as a dependent on yours or anyone else's tax returns, you must fill out an additional application for your family. Please click here for more information.

*We recommend waiting to submit your application until you have completed your 2018 income taxes so the committee has the most recent financial information to work with. If you are filing an extension with the IRS beyond April 15th, we will still require your 2017 W-2's and most recent pay stub. You must also submit your 2017 income taxes and an explanation about any anticipated changes to your financial situation in 2018. If you are granted an award for 2019-2020 and do not submit your 2018 tax returns by June 20, 2019, you may risk forfeiting your financial aid award. Those extending their tax returns beyond July 2019 will need to contact John Tong at john@aplacetobeva.org for more information.

**Tax forms, W-2's and pay stubs may be scanned and emailed to john@aplacetobeva.org, hard copies may be dropped off with John Tong at our office or you may mail them to: A Place To Be, Attn: John Tong, P.O. Box 1472, Middleburg, VA 20118. Please be aware that the Financial Aid Committee may request additional information if they feel doing so will help ensure you receive the fairest award possible.

Make sure to provide all your financial documentation! Late or incomplete applications will delay consideration for aid. Financial aid is limited and those applying late will be considered on a rolling basis, if funding remains.