The Show:

Young people with diverse challenges present an original theatrical production that educates about and advocates for people with disabilities. The production gives voice to the often voiceless and has inspired thousands of young people to have more empathy and to see someone with a disability as a full and equal human being. Responses to the shows have been outstanding with audiences sharing their own challenges and how this show inspired them to be themselves without hiding or feeling ashamed. Many teachers and principals say that this performance addresses acceptance and bullying better than any other assembly they have ever seen!

40 powerful minutes filled with monologues and music that explain what it’s like to live with various challenges including Autism, Down Syndrome, ADD, Anxiety, Cerebral Palsy, Depression, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Heart conditions, Dyslexia, and many other medical and life challenges. Written by the brave young people who struggle and triumph over their challenges every day, the goal of the project is to help teach people to see beyond diagnosis, beyond labels, and into human beings. Check out our promotional video for Behind the Label below!


"Thank You!!!!   I cannot say “Thank You” enough to everyone who made our field trip opportunity possible and a success today. The Same Sky Project-Behind the Label (that we saw at the Hylton Performing Arts Center) was wonderful and moving. The students we took came away with some real reflection and will be examining their own “label”. I know my class will be creating a collage of who they are behind their label. All of my students are autistic and were so proud that there were autistic individuals on stage making them (my class) feel that they didn’t need to be embarrassed of their label. I had one of my students described the show as “stupendous”, and they loved how the people on stage came out with different labels at the end, showing they were not defined by one label alone.  Please extend our thanks as an academy to the artists and the sponsors of this show. My only sad take away was that our entire middle school could not see the show because I feel it would make a huge impact and go so perfectly with our school’s anti-bullying campaign. Again, thanks to each of you because it took so many to make it happen." -Terre Carson-Jones, Metz Culture and Humanities Academy