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At A Place To Be, we work everyday to help people face, navigate, and overcome life's challenges using clinically based practices of music therapy.

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Last year, A Place To Be served over 375 families each week, delivered 17,000 hours of music therapy and performed more than 50 powerful productions throughout Loudoun County for more than 14,000 audience members. But the numbers pale in comparison to the the individual lives we supported through the clinical practice of music therapy. Read our stories in the 2017-2018 Annual Report. Flip through the Annual Report NOW!

PDF Version also available here!

Disco Fever with the Inova Stroke Survivor Choir Different Strokes for Different Folks

May 2019- Enjoy this upbeat concert showcasing the fun, the connection and the benefits of music therapy.

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Will To Survive Soundtrack


We are so excited to announce that we released our first ever soundtrack from our original rock opera, A Will to Survive. The musical, which toured Loudoun County Schools in 2017 and also played at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.,  is based on the story of Will Robinson, a 17 year-old Loudoun County young man who took his own life on January 14, 2016. The original cast recorded the soundtrack full of uplifting music focusing on the topics of hope and accepting others and yourself no matter what life challenges you might face, as well as the topics of depression and suicide prevention. ORDER THE SOUNDTRACK NOW!

Someone Big Soundtrack


The“Someone Big” soundtrack is a compilation of songs that have been written, inspired and performed by the music therapy clients at A Place To Be. These songs touch on the many different challenges experienced by our clients including physical, emotional, behavioral, mental and overall wellness. ORDER THE SOUNDTRACK NOW

Get Your Daily Dose of Music Therapy Inspiration


Need a daily dose of Music Therapy inspiration? Check out Tom’s Music Therapy Minute now available on our YouTube Channel for 60 secs of Music Therapy to your day!

Check out this amazing Tedx Talk given by our very own Tom Sweitzer. Tom talks about his own journey through his childhood all the way to co-founding A Place To Be and how music has the ability to make anyone feel big on earth. 

Community News


Featured at The Kennedy Center

A Place To Be was honored to be a part of this unique scientific and musical weekend at the Kennedy Center. The Symposium, as a part of The Venue's "Sound Health: Music and the Mind" initiative, featured several presentations by world renowned Health Professionals and Music Performers alike, including the Director of the NIH Francis Collins and Soprano Renee Fleming. Our very own Tom Sweitzer, along with Forrest Allen and our Stroke Choir were invited to participate in the weekend's events to provide valuable insight into the world of Therapy and recovery through music.

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