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A Place To Be Helps People face, navigate, & overcome Life's Challenges using the Therapeutic Arts


What's Happening at A Place to Be?

Penny: A New Musical

"Penny", the musical is inspired by the book, "Penny, the one of a kind piano", written by Suzanne Jackson, and illustrated by Robert C. Jackson. In this new musical, Penny along with thirty young actors with disabilities and life challenges will take you on her journey as she tries to find a permanent home. Along her many travels, she supplies music that transforms the hearts of everyone that plays and hears her. She finds out that the home everyone searches for is not found inside of a house, but inside of your heart. 

June 30, July 1st & 2nd

@The Hill School in Middleburg, Virginia

Community News

A Place To Be was honored to be a part of this unique scientific and musical weekend at the Kennedy Center. The Symposium, as a part of The Venue's "Sound Health: Music and the Mind" initiative, featured several presentations by world renowned Health Professionals and Music Performers alike, including the Director of the NIH Francis Collins and Soprano Renee Fleming. Our very own Tom Sweitzer, along with Forrest Allen and our Stroke Choir were invited to participate in the weekend's events to provide valuable insight into the world of Therapy and recovery through music. Here are articles highlighting this monumental event:

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The Soprano and the Scientist: A Conversation about Music and Medicine

by Robert Siegel, NPR


In Washington, an alliance between symphonies and scientists

Lev Facher, STAT News


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