We strive to be a leading, influential Therapeutic Arts organization with the heartbeat of operations located in Middleburg, Virginia. We are leaders in the field of "Performance Based Music Therapy" and in inclusionary programming whereby all participants are seen as equal and valuable with their unique gifts and challenges. In addition to our therapeutic services, our products, workshops and touring ensembles serve as tools for outreach, education, and inspiration.


What's Happening at A Place to Be?

Social Groups!

Our second session for Social Groups has begun! If you are interested in signing up for one, please contact Angelle Cook at! Details and dates can be found here on our general Social Group flyer. Please call us at the office if you have any questions!

Check out some of these amazing photos of the Behind the Label Cast during their Winter 2017 tour, taken by our photographer, Sharon Hallman

Stay tuned for more!

A Place to Be is supported and made possible by the following grants and partners: (2016-2017)


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